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Item Specification
Appearance White crystal
Main content % ≥ 98%
Loss on heating % ≤0.5
PH 7.2-9.7

Packing & Storage

Packing In 25KG fiber drum or as per customer’s requirement
Storage In dry clean and ventilated place ,avoid direct sun-light.
Shipping In room temperature

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General Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Uses of carbohydrazide
Carbohydrazide is a derivative of hydrazine, which has strong reducibility and can be used as an intermediate in the manufacture of energetic materials and can also be directly used as a component of rocket explosives and propellants. It is an ideal product for safety and environmental protection because of its low toxicity, high melting point, and deoxidation efficiency, far more significant than those currently used. Therefore, it is used as an oxygen scavenger for boiler water and is the most advanced material for deoxidizing boiler water today. In addition, carbohydrazide can be used as a crosslinking agent for elastic fibers in the chemical fiber industry. As chemical raw materials and intermediates, it is widely used in pharmaceuticals, herbicides, plant growth regulators, dyes, and other industries. And because other groups in the textile industry easily replace the hydrogen atom connected to the nitrogen atom, it can also be used as a crosslinking agent for elastic fibers, a formaldehyde scavenger, and an antioxidant for pigments such as carotene. In addition, adding an appropriate amount of carbohydrazide to soaps containing phenolic fungicides can prevent discoloration and rancidity.

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