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Calcium Thiocyanate


ITEM Specification
Main content % ≥50.0
Iron % ≤0.0005
Water insoluble matter%, ≤0.003
Moisture%, ≤1.5
Chloride %, ≤0.03
Sulfate % , ≤0.03
Heavy metal%, ≤0.002

Packing & Storage

Packing Solid products in 200KG drum or 1000KG drum or as per customer’s requirement
Storage In dry clean and ventilated place ,avoid direct sun-light.
Shipping In room temperature

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General Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Calcium Thiocyanate Applications

Calcium thiocyanate (Ca(SCN)2) is a chemical compound that is primarily used in various industrial applications. Here are some common applications of calcium thiocyanate:

1. Laboratory Reagent: Calcium thiocyanate is often used as a laboratory reagent for various chemical reactions and experiments. It can be employed as a source of thiocyanate ions (SCN-) in chemical synthesis or analysis.

2. Photography: Calcium thiocyanate has been used in the past as a component in photographic developers. However, with the advent of digital photography, its use in this application has diminished.

3. Fireworks: Calcium thiocyanate is sometimes used in fireworks compositions as a source of Thiocyanate ions. It can contribute to the production of colorful flames when ignited, depending on the presence of other compounds.

4. Textile Industry: Calcium thiocyanate is utilized in the textile industry for various processes, including dyeing and printing of fabrics. It helps in enhancing the color fastness of dyes on textiles.

5. Electroplating: Calcium thiocyanate can be employed in electroplating baths as a complexing agent. It helps in improving the adhesion of metal deposits during the electroplating process.

6. Agriculture: Calcium thiocyanate can be used as a fertilizer additive in agricultural practices. It is known to enhance the growth of plants and improve their resistance to diseases.

7. Analytical Chemistry: Calcium thiocyanate is often used in analytical chemistry for the determination of metal ions, such as iron, silver, and copper. It forms colored complexes with these metal ions, which can be measured to determine their concentration.

8. Pharmaceutical Industry: In the pharmaceutical industry, calcium thiocyanate can be utilized as a starting material or intermediate in the synthesis of various pharmaceutical compounds.

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