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Item Specification
Appearance White needle crystal
Main content % ≥ 99%
Loss on heating % ≤0.5

Packing & Storage

Packing In 25KG fiber drum or as per customer’s requirement
Storage In dry clean and ventilated place ,avoid direct sun-light.
Shipping In room temperature

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General Information

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Benzohydrazide?

Benzohydrazide, also known as benzoic acid hydrazide, is an organic compound with the molecular formula C7H8N2O. It belongs to the class of hydrazide derivatives, which are compounds containing a hydrazide functional group (-NH-NH2) attached to another molecular moiety.

Benzohydrazide is derived from benzoic acid, where one of the hydrogen atoms on the carboxyl group (-COOH) is replaced by a hydrazide group (-NH-NH2). It forms colorless to pale yellow crystals or powder and is sparingly soluble in water but dissolves well in organic solvents.

Benzohydrazide is primarily used as a building block or intermediate in organic synthesis and pharmaceutical research. It can undergo various reactions to form a wide range of derivatives, such as condensation reactions, substitution reactions, and cyclization reactions. These derivatives may exhibit different biological activities and have potential applications in drug discovery and development.

It’s worth noting that while benzohydrazide has some applications in the research and development of pharmaceutical compounds, it should not be confused with any specific medication or drug. Its uses are primarily within the field of organic chemistry and its derivatives rather than as a therapeutic agent on its own.

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