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Carbohydrazide Oxygen Removal

Carbohydrazide is a chemical compound with the formula CH6N4O. It is widely used in various industrial applications, including as an oxygen scavenger or oxygen scrubber. An oxygen scrubber is a substance or system designed to remove oxygen from a particular environment or process.

Carbohydrazide has the ability to react with oxygen, effectively removing it from the surrounding atmosphere or liquid. It acts as a reducing agent, undergoing a chemical reaction with oxygen to form water and nitrogen gas. This reaction is often used to prevent corrosion and degradation of equipment and materials in environments where oxygen can be detrimental.

In the context of an oxygen scrubber, carbohydrazide is typically used in closed systems, such as boiler water treatment, where the presence of oxygen can cause corrosion and other issues. By introducing carbohydrazide into the system, it reacts with dissolved oxygen, minimizing its concentration and reducing the potential for corrosion.