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Asia's largest, foaming agent of hydrazine projects completed

    9th, built by the Sino-Japanese joint venture producing hydrazine, foaming agent 20,000 tons of chemical project in Jiangsu Province Zhangjiagang completed. Japan chemical, The president of the Japan Chemical Co., Ltdsays the project is Asia's largest production base of hydrazine hydrate, foaming agents.
    According to the introduction, in 2012, Jiangsu Chemical and Pharmaceutical Group, Japan Chemical Co., Ltd. and Chemical Corporation tripartite joint venture in iangsu Chemical and Pharmaceutical Chemical Co., Ltd and invested US $ 70 million with an annual output of hydrazine, foaming agent 20,000 tons of projects, the project was completed in June 2009, civil works, equipment installation, debugging, and so, in December of that year was put into production test run.
    The person in charge of the project, the Corporation president, after more than six months of production test run, which was formally completed in 9th. The plant will be the most large-scale production bases in Asia, its hydrazine, annual output of 20,000 tons each of hydrazine hydrate 80% in supplying the domestic market, while also exported to overseas, so the bases are being established to market global marketing network in China.
    According to the introduction, Hydrazine hydrate is a synthetic AC blowing agent, medicine, pesticides, rocket fuel, raw materials, and can also be used as boiler deoxidizer; blowing agent is mainly used for vehicle interior materials, construction interior decoration material, all kinds of sports goods, leather.