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Hydrazine hydrate domestic market scale gaining to enlarge

    Recently hydrazine hydrate domestic market is a little tight; the gap of supply and demand is larger, which make the hydrazine hydrate prices keep rising. With the development of domestic engineering plastics, pesticide, pharmaceuticals, the future of hydrazine hydrate market is expected to maintain a steady growth.
    The largest production base in China
    The Global hydrazine hydrate develops very fast, the industrial production methods includes Urea method, ammonia oxidation method, Ketazine method and Hydrogen peroxide method. The main manufactures are Olin Corporation, Bayer Bitterfeld GmbH, the French Atropic Company and MITSUBISHI GAS CHEMICAL COMPANY, INC. All the above companies take the use of Ketazine and Hydrogen peroxide advanced production method. The Urea production method has been obsolete, but some China manufactures also take this method to produce hydrazine hydrate.
    The increased demand of developing countries
    In recent years, the market demand of hydrazine hydrate has continually increased,which largely pulled the production, production capacity and output. In 2010, our Hydrazine hydrate production capacity is 65,000 MTS, output is 45,000 MTS, but the market demand is 49,000 MTS. At present, the demand of Global hydrazine hydrate market is over 200,000MTS. In recent years, the demand of the developed countries market is reducing year by year, but the developing countries, especially China with growing rapidly demand. And China has become one of the most important consumption markets. Japan, Korea, America and French have large Hydrazine hydrate production capacity. With the daily increase domestic demand of hydrazine hydrate, some foreign countries dump their hydrazine hydrate products at low prices, which severely damage our domestic hydrazine hydrate industry. Positively taking the anti-dumping actions to ensure our domestic hydrazine hydrate industry develop healthy and rapidly. As the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, the domestic hydrazine hydrateenterprise should improve the enterprises power, and expand the market, and pay close attention to the overseas market.