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Bright future for Hydrazine hydrate

    Hydrazine hydrate monohydrate N2H4·H2Ois also called diamid hydrate, has a strong alkalinity and hygroscopicity. It is colorless oily liquid with light ammonia smell.
    Hydrazine hydrate can be used in many fields, like pharmaceutical intermediates, manufacturing high-purity metals, synthetic fibers, dyes, raw materials of ADC foaming agent, deoxidant of high-pressure boiler, reducing agen. In industry, the content of Hydrazine hydrate is 40%-80% solution. Currently, no Chinese company can produce Hydrazine Hydrate 100%, the highest content is 80% in China.
    At present, No Chinese Company can export HH with the content between 70%-80%, because all exporters need have dual-use items and technologies export license for exporting HH higher than 70% this year, but this license is difficult to handle and no company get it by now. Even HH Company will refuse to export HH70%, because the real content of HH70% is always higher than 70%, so we always suggest our customer buy Hydrazine Hydrate 65%.
    Hydrazine hydrate solution exists as dipolymer, insoluble in diethyl ether and chloroform. Hydrazine hydrate can decompose into N2, NH3 and H2 in high temperature to corrode glass, rubber, leather and cork wood. Hydrazine hydrate has a strong reducibility, and it could react strongly with halogen, HNO3, KmnO4, absorb water to produce smoke. Hydrazine hydrate and its derivatives have wide uses as deoxidizer, antioxidant, foaming agent and so on.