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Foreign hydrazine hydrate to provoke low price dumping

    Optimistic about the market prospects of hydrazine hydrate 100%, recently many companies in China are new or expansion of hydrazine hydrate project in China. TongJiu of Group hydrazine hydrate market share of 30 percent, the company has succeeded in developing its own frozen alkali, continuous evaporation desalination technology, improved urea-intermittent production defects, enabling continuous production. TongJiu of Group wishes to hydrazine hydrate production capacity continues to expand, further expand its market share to over 60%, reduce costs and to achieve all domestic equipment.
    It is worth noting that with growing Chinese market demand of hydrazine and trade volume grows, hydrazine foreign products are low-price dumping on Chinese market, damage to domestic industry of hydrazine.Due to the increasingly competitive market, domestic production enterprises should be improve the strength of enterprises as a fundamental, pay close attention to the movements of foreign markets, in a number of areas to consider actively pursued on the basis of anti-dumping actions, efforts to make the healthy and rapid development of China's national industry.