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Hydrazine hydrate industry market of Chinais gaining to be expanding

    Global development of hydrazine hydrate production faste,The methods of industrial production are mainly urea, ammonia oxidation, A Azine France, and hydrogen peroxide.United States Olin Corporation, Germany, Bayer company, France Atto company, Japan Mitsubishi gas chemical company is the main production enterprise of hydrazine, these companies using methyl ketone a nitrogen, hydrogen peroxide-advanced production method.Urea law abroad have been largely phased out now, but State-owned enterprises in application.TongJiu Hydrazine Hydrate Industry Co., Ltd has become China's largest base production of hydrazine hydrate 55%.

    Hydrazine hydrate monohydrate market demand rising in China in recent years, demand production, production capacity and production is also increasing. In 2010, China's capacity of 65,000 tonnes of hydrazine hydrate, a capacity of 45,000 tons, the demand of 49,000 tons.

    Now the global hydrazine hydrate 80% market demand of about more than 200,000 tons . In recent years, the market demand in developed countries is reduced year by year, the developing countries, especially China's rapid growth in demand, has become one of the world's most important consumer market.Japan, and Korea and the United States and France has a large production capacity of hydrazine, Japan and Korea's main export to China of hydrazine, United States and France are also bullish on the Chinese market.