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Method for preparing high-concentration hydrazine hydrate


This is a method for preparing a high concentration of hydrazine hydrate. An azeotrope is added to the solution of hydrazine hydrate, and azeotropic distillation is performed under normal pressure. Water and the azeotrope form an azeotropic mixture. The azeotropic mixture has a lower boiling point and lowers the temperature of rectification.

The azeotrope continuously brings out the water in the solution, the hydrazine hydrate concentration increases, and the selected azeotrope is insoluble or slightly soluble in water. The azeotrope can be separated from the water layer to separate the azeotrope. The agent can be recycled. The method provided by the invention achieves the purpose of preparing high-concentration hydrazine hydrate simply, efficiently, and at low cost, and has certain application value.

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