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International and domestic production status of anhydrous piperazine


With the rapid development of the domestic feed additive industry, the consumption of piperazine in feed additives will increase year by year. Piperazine can also be used as an activator for the production of chemical fertilizers, and the effect is good. If it can be promoted and applied, the demand for piperazine will also increase rapidly.

At present, the medicinal effects of piperazine derivatives are widely developed abroad, and certain derivatives synthesized with piperazine are useful as anti-inflammatory agents. Other derivatives can lower blood sugar, which has a good effect on the treatment of diabetes, obesity and the like. Piperazine is also widely used in the production of antioxidants, preservatives, stabilizers, and the like. The production of piperazine abroad is mainly distributed in the United States, Western Europe and Japan. The products mainly include water, trihydrate and hexahydrate. The international trade is mainly piperazine.

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