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How to use Hydrazine hydrate

    Hydrazine hydrate,fitted with a cork covered with tin foil and holding a reflux condenser, are placed 200g of hydrazine sulphate and 160g of sodium hydroxide. Seventy-five ml of water are added gradually during about 5 minutes through the condenser the reaction becomes fairly vigorous and care should be taken that none of the vapours-escape from the condenser. The mixture is refluxed for 15 hours. The reflux condenser is removed and arranged for downward distillation. The product is distilled by heating the flask with a free flame strong heating is required towards the end in order to drive over the last traces of hydrazine hydrate. The distillate is a clear liquid weighing 175g and contains 40-45 per cent, of hydrazine hydrate as shown by titration with standard acid.

    With stirring, hydrazine hydrate was added over 60 min. The reaction mixture was then cooled to room temperature and filtered through Celite. The filtrate was concentrated in vacuo and the residue purified by chromatography through silica gel using 10% ether in hexane for elution. The fractions containing product were combined and evaporated to give the product as a clear oil.