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Hydrazine hydrate reduction and market conditions

    Hydrazine Hydrate law has clean, atmospheric pressure, the treatment is simple , conversion rate and other characteristics, its yield and catalytic hydrogenation quite , but does not restore the cyano nitro molecules , but the amount of hydrazine hydrate is not the case reduction of azo group ; especially suitable for the multi-purpose batch reactor pressure low-volume production of fine chemical products . In recent years, as people's awareness of ecological and economic growing, hydrazine hydrate catalytic reduction of nitro compounds become a research focus, focus of the study focused on inexpensive, reusable catalyst development, the impact on the molecular structure of nitro reduction reaction and so on.
    The influence of the catalyst
    Hydrazine hydrate 55% reduction using the catalyst at the beginning of the study mainly for precious metals (Pt, Pd, Ru, Ni, etc.). The study found that the Raney Ni is better than Pd/C catalyst effect; And adding trace Raney Ni Pt dramatically improve catalytic effect, shorten the reduction reaction time.
    Because precious metals prices high, people turned to cheap as hydrazine hydrate reduction catalyst such as iron compounds. Line at Westminster, etc to nitrotoluene (0. Olmol) as reactants, system to study the different forms of iron oxide influencing on the yield of reduction reaction, the result shows that in six kinds of iron oxides, beta iron hydroxide oxygen catalytic effect is best, in the catalyst dosage of 10 g/mol, nitro conditions, also from a rate of 93.2%; Followed by goethite, the yield of 55.2%.
    The influence of the reaction system
    Can be used when hydrazine hydrate reduction water medium, and organic solvent medium can be applied. But not in chloroform, acetone, ethyl acetate and other organic solvents. Due to solvent to influence the surface state of the cata
    lyst, which affect the activity of the catalyst, therefore solvent in hydrazine hydrate catalytic reduction reaction has a certain degree of influence.
    According to market analysts hydrazine hydrate statistics, in 2013 the domestic market of hydrazine hydrate still mixed, although in the short term prices strong, but with the release of new capacity or promotion enterprise's work load, the market supply once recovery, hydrazine hydrate prices will inevitably fall into channel. So companies in price increases at the same time, should also be rational analysis of the supply and demand of the market supply of goods. TongJiu Hydrazine Hydrate Industry Co., Ltd as hydrazine hydrate supplier is a new private stock manufacturing & researching enterprise. Our company occupies an area of 50000 square metres with fixed assets of RMB 10million.