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Hydrazine Hydrate Market Situation

    hydrazine hydrate is a colorless, fuming and basic solution with a peculiar bad smell, soluble in water and alcohol, insoluble in chloroform and ethyl ether, flammable and corroding glass, rubber and leather, hydrazine hydrate's severe toxicity accumulates and harms blood and nerves
    General industrial applications content of 35 % -80 % solution of hydrazine hydrate
    Use of hydrazine hydrate
    1 , hydrazine hydrate as an important fine chemical raw materials, mainly for the synthesis of ADC, D1PA, TSH and other foaming agent ;
    2 , hydrazine used as cleaning agents for boiler and removing carbon dioxide; in the pharmaceutical industry for the production of antituberculous, anti-diabetic drugs
    3 ,hydrazine hydrate 55% in the pesticide industry for the production of herbicides, plant growth reconcile agent and sterilization, insecticide, rat poison ;
    4 , can also be used to produce rocket fuel hydrazine , diazo fuel , rubber additives , etc.
    5 , hydrazine hydrate and its derivatives products in many industrial applications has been widely used , such as chemical products, pharmaceutical products , agricultural products , water treatment , photography and photographic products such as a reducing agent , antioxidant, used in making take medicine , foaming agents , etc.
    Hydrazine hydrate market
    Recently, China's domestic market has been tight hydrazine hydrate , a greater gap between supply and demand , resulting in rising prices of hydrazine hydrate . With the domestic engineering plastics, pesticides, pharmaceuticals and other areas of development, is expected in the future hydrazine hydrate market will remain steady growth . Related to the data: the rapid development of the global production of hydrazine hydrate, which is one of the factors affecting the price of hydrazine hydrate .
    Japan, and Korea and the United States and France have larger hydrazine hydrate production capacity, while demand in these countries is limited, therefore has strong export capacity. Hydrazine hydrate stable growth of demand in China, becoming globally important consumer market. Japan and Korea hydrazine are mainly exported to China, United States and France also bullish on China market.
    From an environmental , product quality and cost aspects into account , urea law will eventually be eliminated, and hydrogen peroxide have obvious advantages.
    Hydrazine downstream products is also increasing domestic demand , especially triazole products heavily dependent on imports , prices are rising.And domestic manufacturers of triazole compounds a few, further development and research on hydrazine hydrate products and raw materials, will produce significant economic benefits.
    Recently due to chloride alkali industry of downturn, hydrated hydrazine became the large manufacturers very important of a profit points, coupled with recent due to pesticide original drug products of hot, on raw materials of needs has increased, hydrated hydrazine homeopathic price increases is in reasonable, currently manufacturers mainstream ex-factory price in 2.3-24,000 yuan/tons, according to understanding currently hydrated hydrazine of production cost in 20,000 yuan/tons around, manufacturers said price to in 25,000 yuan/tons around, is can keep hydrated hydrazine industry continued health of development.