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The dangers of hydrazine hydrate

    Hydrazine hydrate is a very important chemical raw material in our daily life, in all fields has its shadow, in thermal power plant are anti-corrosion additives, also azo initiator, in agricultural chemical products and pharmaceutical products is also an important part. In industrial production is also have a lot of application. In fact, in the pharmaceutical industry, hydrazine hydrate is a critical part of the production of various drugs. Also often see in the consumer goods industry, it is also a kind of foaming agent. As well as our agrochemical industry. Urea is generated in the process of hydrazine hydrate. Hydrazine hydrate or rocket fuel and the formulation of the product. So hydrazine hydrate when can't get effective control is very damaging. How to do if lots of hydrazine hydrate leak?
    The first thing to do is to evacuate leakage pollution area personnel to safe areas, no irrelevant personnel enter the contaminated area, suggested that the emergency response personnel wear self-contained breathing apparatus, wear chemical protective clothing. Don't direct contact with the leakage, plugging in ensuring safety situation. Spray water, reduce evaporation. It incombustible adsorbent with sand or absorbed, and then collected to disposal of waste disposal places. You can also use a lot of water to rinse, diluting the wash water into wastewater system. If large spills, using a causeway asylum, and then to collect, transfer, recycling or waste processed sound.
    The harm of hydrazine hydrate is very big; if not timely processing waste pollution is extremely serious leakage. Waste liquid chlorine dioxide foam separation process and hydrazine hydrate by chlorine dioxide foam separation device, chlorine dioxide foam separation was studied in hydrazine hydrate class waste liquid treatment effect.
    Through the experiment focuses on the waste water pH, chlorine dioxide dosing quantity and reaction time on the influence of parameters on the effect of wastewater treatment. The optimum reaction conditions (i.e. pH value of 10, chlorine dioxide in waste water per liter dosing quantity is 5 mg / 1000 COD, the reaction time is 3 h) under the reaction, the original liquid waste (COD value of 30000-30000 mg/L, total ammonia nitrogen is 2500 ~ 2700 mg/L) after processing the COD removal rate reached 99%, ammonia nitrogen removal rate reached more than 96%.
    If direct contact with hydrazine hydrate to clothing, immediately remove contaminated clothing and thoroughly rinse immediately with flowing water.
    If contact with eyes, immediately filed a eyelid, with flowing water or saline flush at least 15 minutes. And then go to the hospital quickly.
    If you accidentally splashed into his mouth, the most effective is to drink milk, or eat an egg, and then hurried to the hospital.