Tongjiu Hydrazine Hydrate Industr Co.,Ltd

Tongjiu – a leading hydrazine hydrate producer in China

    China is the fastest growing hydrazine hydrate market in the world.

    With an initial capacity of 12,000 metric tons a year, the new plant is one of the largest of its kind in the world and complies with the latest US standards in environmental protection and occupational safety. hydrazine hydrate solution is used in the agro, pharmaceuticals, automotive and leisure industries, for example.

    Hydrazine hydrate applications

    Hydrazine hydrate is a key component for the pharmaceuticals industry in manufacturing medicines, including those for the treatment of tuberculosis, forms of depression and hypertension. And in crop protection, for instance, hydrazine is a vital intermediate for growth regulators. It is also used as an intermediate in chemical synthesis, for example in the product