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Hydrazine hydrate industry scale gaining to enlarge

    In recent years, domestic hydrazine monohydrate market is always in short supply with large supply and demand gap, which results in the continually rising price. With the development of engineering plastics, pesticide, medicine industry,as estimated the hydrazine hydrate market will maintain steady growth trend The largest production base in China The hydrazine hydrate production has developed very quickly, and the main production methods are Urea method, ammonia oxidation method, Ketazine method, and hydrogen peroxide method. The increasing demand of developing countries In recent years, the demand of hydrazine hydrate is continually rise, which large pull the production capacity and output. Now the annual demand of hydrazine hydrate in global market is over 200,000.00 metric tons. Though the demand of developed countries is decreasing every year, the demand of developing countries especially China increased very quickly, and China has become one of the most important consuming markets. The low-price dumping of hydrazine hydrate from foreign countries With seeing the good market prospect, many enterprises construct or expand hydrazine hydrate project in recent years. It’s worth noting that foreign hydrazine hydrate products are dumping to our domestic market with low price, which largely harm our domestic hydrazine hydrate industry. With the daily increasing market competition, our own hydrazine hydrate industry should increase their enterprise strength and to expand the market. They also should closely watch the market trend, and positively conduct the anti-dumping action to make our national industry develop healthy and quickly.